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Double Decker 72 Seater Coach Hire

Stansted Airport – Double Decker 72 Seater Coach 

Corporate groups, educational institutions, large tour groups, and several others often face a logistics challenge in moving large groups. Lack of suitable vehicles may force them to split up the group into two or more small groups, which is both uneconomical and inefficient. Otherwise, the group members are cramped for space, leaving them too stress out or disoriented, to perform at their optimal best. 
We offer the perfect solution for your group travel. Our double decker 72 seater coach, from reputed manufacturers, such as Volvo and Iveco, allows your group to travel in both comfort and style. Our vehicles come with air conditioning, PA system, GPS, audio system, DVD player, and a whole host of other accessories which will make travel a pleasurable experience. We also make sure the vehicle undergoes timely maintenance, is ceaned before the start of the trip, and is free from all glitches. 
When a large group travels together, the savings are already huge. Further to this low cost base, our very low rates, a direct result of our economies of scale, make our service the best value, unmatched by anyone else. We never compromise on the quality of services, even when charging low rates. Our skilled and experienced drivers know how to handle large vehicles, and are familiar with all the functions and accessories on offer. Many a times ,groups are not able to enjoy the facilities available, just because the driver is not aware of the facility, or how to provide it. Our dedicated customer support team is also just a call away. 
Our Stansted airport minibus hire services operate round the clock, offering not just seamless end to end transfers, but a comprehensive service that delights everyone who uses it. Read through the testimonials left by previous customers, and reserve your minibus hire in Stansted airport now.